Remember death, and that it shall claim you...remember that even though Death may be a two way door in this world, every fall leaves its mark upon you, like a notch on a killer's blade...on your killer's blade.

Remember that every choice has a price, every action a reaction. Remember the faces of those you have crossed, for they may very well be the visage the Reaper chooses to wear when the time finally comes to collect the harvest of the sins you have sown. Remember the voices of those you have helped, for they may be your one guiding light when you find yourself lost in the dark waters of revenge.

Remember that the last thing you see may be this grim mask we wear, never knowing if it hides a sadistic smile or a regretful tear over your demise.

Remember that, run as you may, hide as you must, you will eventually and inescapably die.

Memento Mori.

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